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If you would like to offer a mass for a loved one, you may do so by visiting our office. Mass Intentions are a donation of $10 per Mass.

What are Mass Intentions?
Whenever a priest celebrates Mass, he has at least two specific intentions.  The first intention is to celebrate the Mass according to the rubrics the Church provided for how to say the Mass.  The second is to apply the grace of that Mass toward a specific need or intention. This second intention, commonly called “the intention of the Mass,” are special intentions offered to God as prayers of intercession and thanksgiving in and through the Eucharist.  Since the graces of the Mass being infinite, many intentions can be offered up at a single Mass. While a priest may only accept one intention at a single Mass, he may have many other intentions not attached to an offering. 

Mass Intention Policies

At Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, there are many requests for Mass Intentions.  We are happy to receive requests from our parishioners. We will do our best to find a date for your intention. 


A Mass Intention may be set for:

  • A deceased loved one

  • A living person who is sick or suffering

  • A living person who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special moment in their life


A Mass Intention may not be requested for:

  • An unknown or "private" intention

  • A prayer intention that contradicts Catholic moral doctrine


To Request a Mass Intention:

Simply visit our office during our regular hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9am-1pm and 2:30pm-6pm

A donation for a Mass Intentions is an optional personal decision. The suggested amount is at least $10. This signifies the sacrificial nature of giving of something of yourself.

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